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SMC Cleaning Services provides a professional and competitive internal and external window cleaning service to many homes on a regular basis.  We also provide this service to offices, shops, guesthouses, restaurants, pubs, letting agencies and many more. We currently have over 800 customers on our rota.

Cleaning window

We combine the latest technology in window cleaning using a purified water-fed pole system for 'at height' cleaning (ie upstairs) and traditional methods of cleaning windows from the ground (ie downstairs) to obtain maximum results. This includes the cleaning of window frames and sills ensuring that your home or business windows are the cleanest around.

Water fed poles

We have recently changed to using the water-fed pole system the reason being is to comply with the ever increasing and changing Working at Height regulations.  By ensuring the safety of our clients and staff we can concentrate on providing you with squeaky clean windows.

How does it work?

There is a brush on the end of a long flexible pole which is connected to a van via hosing.  The van contains a pump and a tank full of purified water. The water is pumped to the brush and the operator uses this to clean the glass. 

The poles we have can reach up to 60 feet high, so the operator can always remain on the ground eliminating the need for access equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffolding and therefore making the cleaning of your windows safer.

Purified water is used because, it dries naturally without leaving unsightly spots all over the glass, and it acts as a solvent so the use chemicals or detergents is avoided.  Purified water is 100% de-ionized therefore making it an environmentally friendly way of cleaning.

The pole system reaches previously inaccessible windows (eg above conservatories) and windows above areas such as flower beds without causing any damage and in complete safety. We are also now able to clean your conservatory roof, fascias and guttering.


If you need a window cleaner for any type of premises, please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Click here to see the areas currently covered by our window cleaning service - Window Cleaning Areas.  Check our new areas page to see if we've started cleaning windows near you! If your area is not covered by our service please contact us as we are always expanding.   

Traditional cleaning method Difficult to access window

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